Tubular Level Gauge is the simplest form of level indication. Tubular Level Gauges are used to visualize low or medium pressure applications. The instruments consist of a toughened continuous section of a borosilicate glass tube linked to an isolation valve at both the top and bottom. The valve and glass connection is sealed through a rubber gasket within a union on the valve. The isolation valves used on this type of instrument are most commonly the ‘off set’ pattern type as this allows for the gauges to be cleaned.

Tubular Level Gauge is used for visual liquid level indication and is the most frequently used instrument in the industry. It is a simple and reliable device for level reading in atmospheric or pressurized tank applications. It is mounted parallel along the tank's side to form a closed loop. As the process level fluctuates, the transparent glass tube level changes correspondingly and gives a local level indication.

This type of level Gauge is used for observation at the liquid level application at medium and low pressure. Tubular Level Gauges are designed for viewing fluid levels using clear or red line Borosilicate tubing. All valves use a stuffing box configuration to seal the glass tube and have a ball check shutoff to prevent loss of vessel contents in case of glass failure.

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