HSE Policy


We, at YORK General Contracting LLC, recognize that high standards of health, safety and environmental protection are integral for the growth of the organization and its people. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, and preventing any untoward incidents, accidents, injury and/or ill-health of any employees, contractors, and other relevant stakeholders. We also aim to take adequate measures to protect the environment and prevent environmental pollution.

The company’s senior management recognizes the importance of HSE to achieve and sustain excellence in our businesses; therefore, with the cooperation of all employees, we endeavor to continually improve our HSE Management System by committing to:

  • Incorporating HSE considerations in the business decisions and operations of the organization Adopting preventive measures in our business processes and practices
  • Promoting awareness among employees, contractors, business partners and other stakeholders to develop a positive HSE culture within the organization
  • Striving to achieve a zero-accident rate by establishing accountability along with an HSE mindset at all levels of the organization
  • Striving to reduce our environmental impact through optimization of waste generation, preservation of natural resources and encouraging conservation and recycling
  • Maintaining proper equipment, and office and job site conditions through optimum utilization of resources that minimize and/or eliminate occupational health, safety and environmental risks
  • Developing effective planning and monitoring systems to periodically review the organization’s health and safety performance and identify potential errors, and to ensure that corrective actions are initiated to reduce their impact
  • Identifying the training needs and providing timely trainings, promotions, awareness and culture development by giving appropriate resources & adequate knowledge to the members on HSE requirements
  • Engaging workers Participation and Consultation in Establishing, Implementing and Maintaining HSE management system.
  • Optimize Resource Consumption and practice Environmental Conservative methods to be Eco-friendly and Sustainable Organization.

Communication, consultation, participation and collaboration among all employees and stakeholders will uphold the principles of this policy. Responsibility for compliance to this policy rests with all the employees of the company. They shall support its implementation by using the safety equipment issued to them, familiarizing themselves with the safety rules/procedures of the organization and enforcing appropriate corrective measures if violations are reported at job sites.

This HSE Policy will be implemented in accordance with applicable statutory requirements, safety and health regulations, and standards/ codes of practice of our customers. It shall be reviewed every two years. It will be displayed prominently on the office premises, and access to the detailed HSE manual will also be available for reference by any employee.