Top Hat TYPE STRAINERS Fabricated for RF, FF and RTJ ANSI Flanges Sizes 1” to 24” for almost 14 years now. York Oil and Gasstrainers have been considered as the industry standard for the protection of valves, pumps, turbines and any other pipeline equipment requiring a contaminant-free operation. York Oil and Gasstrainers have been chosen as the original equipment for the most exacting applications, from all over the world.

York Oil and Gas ‘Top-Hat’ type strainers are fabricated at the highest industrial standards from top quality material. The filtering element is manufactured from perforated plate or wire mesh or both) in stainless steel or other resisting alloys to customers’ requirements. The ring is machined to meet ANSI B16.5 requirements for the matching flanges’ gaskets. Different shapes are available to meet pressure drop requirements. An exclusive proprietary software can calculate the pressure drop for any design condition and strainer configuration. Full traceability of all parts of all strainers ever produced. Quality System followed is ISO 9001. Quality is our key feature and we never compromise on it.

Top Hat Type Strainers
Top Hat Type Strainers

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