Tube exchanger is a class of heat exchanger designs. It is the most common heat exchanger in oil refineries and other extensive chemical processes and is suited for higher-pressure applications. The tube exchanger consists of several tubes mounted inside a cylindrical shell. Two fluids can exchange heat; one fluid flows over the outside of the tubes while the second fluid flows through the tubes. The fluids can be single or two-phase and can soak in a parallel or a cross/counter flow arrangement.

Tube exchangers have a simple design, robust characteristics and relatively low purchase and maintenance costs. They also have a very high heat transfer rate, although they require more space than a plate heat exchanger of similar thermal exchange capacity.

Tube exchangers use widely in applications, which require cooling or heating a large volume of process fluids or gases. Several different types of shell and tube heat exchanger designs meet several process needs in virtually every industry.

Our range of Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers uses corrugated Tubes to enhance heat transfer. Two types of the heat exchanger are available. The mono-tube design has a single tube within a tube, and the multi-tube design has some tubes inside a shell.

Mono-tube design

The mono-tube design comprises a single corrugated tube within a tube. The fluid flows through the inner corrugated tube with the service fluid in the annular space between the inner and outer tube.

Multi-tube Design

h The multi-tube design consists of many corrugated tubes within a shell. The process fluid flows through the inner corrugated tubes with the service fluid in the shell.

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