Water Desalination & Treatment Piping

Water is one of the most important resources in the world. Due to the growing world population, climate change and the associated decrease in rainfall, this topic is becoming of increasing significance. Globally, water resources consist of 97 per cent of salt or brackish water. For this reason, using these deposits as a means for supplying drinking water for humanity is an obvious solution.

York is well experienced in the erection of water plants. We have fully erected pumping stations and SS pipelines.

York General Contracting has supplied materials to numerous water desalination projects during the last decade. Our pipes, fittings, and flanges are used for the construction of seawater treatment plants. Within this industry, York General Contractinghas a special focus on high-pressure Reverse Osmosis plants.

York General Contracting serves its long-term clients successfully through a committed and highly experienced industry project team that is dedicated to construction projects for the water treatment industry.

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