transparent level gauge

The transparent level gauge is a direct water level indicator with an illumination device used for steam boilers and Pressure vessels. Thanks to the brilliant and durable LED-backlight, the level is visible at any time. Transparent level indicators are highly useful in chemical industries and petrochemical fertilizers. As the fluid is stored in high pressure and temperature, the evident level indicator is handy to find the fluid level.

Transparent Level Gauges use the T-form sight glasses, designed and built for a wide range of high temperature and high pressure applications. Our evident level gauge is used to observe the level of corrosion-proof and chromatic liquids. These types are used two pieces of tempered flat gauge glasses. In front and rear are enclosed with a gauge cover using stud bods. Where high temperature and corrosions are liable to occur, it can be furnished with a mica shield to prevent it from corroded. Instead, these types are used for reservoir tanks that require a relatively long visible length by constructing the supporter.

Reading the gauge glass's liquid level is performed by the naked eye, so the material must be transparent, making the fluid level visible. Transparent gauges are the most common types used in all standard applications, mainly when the medium is not transparent. The systems’ clarity is improved with an artificial light source mounted to the rear, thereby improving visibility.