Thermo Well Manufacturing

Thermowells are tubular fittings used to protect temperature sensors installed in the industrial process, A thermos well consist of a tube closed at one end and mounted in the process stream. We have years of experience and a skilled team to understand and implement standard and customized solutions for all of your needs. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality at the most affordable price.

Thermowells are used to provide an isolation between a temperature sensor and the environment, either liquid, gas or slurry. A thermowell allows the temperature sensor to be removed and replaced without compromising either the ambient region or the process. Most common thermowells are Threaded, Socket weld, Weld-in and Flanged.

York General Contracting is a demanding and leading thermowellmanufacturing company in UAE. Our facilities include all kinds of tools, equipment, and machinery of the latest technologies available to carry out the specialized nature of our business. York General Contracting caters for long or short term projects anywhere in the UAE for all types of construction activities.

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