The Float & Board Level Indicators Liquid Level Indicator is an economical, easy to install measurement device utilizing a target and gauge board m indicate tank level. Float & Board Level Indicators are a reliable and accurate system for liquid level measurement in tall and overhead tanks.

Highly efficient and rugged in construction, this instrument is very reasonable for large storage tanks for Water, Fire Water, DM Water, Oil, LSHS, Diesel, Lube Oil, Vegetable Oils, Molasses, Silicates, Glucose, All Non-Hazard, Non- Pressurised tanks. As the liquid rises in the tank, the large float also goes up, in turn moving the pointer on the graduated scale. The float is connected with the pointer with the wire rope, which glides over almost frictionless nylon rollers, thereby ensuring trouble-free operation.

Float type level indicator & Board type level indicator Suitable for measurement of liquid level in overground storage tanks. Usually consists of a float, dustproof pulley housing, pointer cradle with nylon & 150 mm wide aluminum scale with screen printed marking.


• Pharmaceutical industry

• Liquid petroleum products

• Pressure vessels, Storage tanks

• Marine industry

• Lubricant distributor

• Power plant lime slurry

• Water & wastewater treatment plants etc

The Float Board Type Level Indicators have a rigid structure that ensures that they remain prevented from impact and corrosion even after usage of multiple years. They are according to the quality parameters and checked on various factors to assure their best functioning.