flame arrestor

A Flame arrestor arrest the flame from entering through an opening. It's a device which stops fuel combustion. It act as a flame extinguisher. They are commonly installed on atmospheric-pressure storage tanks, process vessels, and transportation container. It is also known as deflagration arrester, or flame trap.

These arresters are bi-directional, capable of stopping a flame approaching from either long direction or complex piping runs in a manifolded tank systems.

Flame Arrestor is a passive device that allows the gas to flow through the piping system. If the mixture is ignited and the flame begins to travel back through the piping, the arrester will prohibit the flame from moving back to the gas source. The cleaning of flame arrestor takes place using a carb cleaner spray. It is made up of wound, corrugated metal strips.


• Avoid the chances for blasts and fire explosions

• Can limit the further spread of explosions

• Enclosing the fire within a specific location


• Fuel gas pipelines

• The exhaust system of internal combustion engines

• The air intake of marine inboard engines

• coal mining and gasoline containers

• Overproof rum and other flammable liquors

• Safety storage cabinets for paint, aerosol cans, and other flammable mixtures

• Fuel storage tank vents