Career in Web Development - Scope and Opportunities

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Web development is the work engaged in the Internet (World Wide Web) or intranet (private network) design of a website. In this modern era, web development has been a growing industry. This industry's development is mainly due to the demand for big companies and small companies; they want to sell their products and services through the internet.

Is there a high demand for web developers?

Yes, it’s a golden age of web designing and developing. Now all the small scale and large scale business are focused on e-commerce trend of business. Studies show that the Web developer’s employment is expected to expand by 15 percent over the next ten years, quicker than the average for all jobs.

What a web developer do?

The role of a web developer is designing, coding and modification, from design to function and according to the requirements of a client. The employer must have a strong knowledge UI, cross-browser compatibility, overall internet features, standards, and there is a need for deep functional understanding and strong web service experience.

What jobs can a Web developer do?

The responsibility of a web developer is to design and develop websites and website apps. They handle sites using a range of programming languages and internet techniques, execute application characteristics, and incorporate safety measures.