Suction Diffusers

The Suction Diffuser is an angle pattern flow fitting that combines a diffuser strainer orifice cylinder and full-length straightening vanes to provide ideal flow conditions for the pump suction. It saves space and money by eliminating the need for long or short radius elbows, reducing flanges, and long lengths of pipe leading into the suction side of the pump.

Suction diffusers are used to filter control loops in a process. One plant may have multiple control loops, requiring control valves to monitor and control the particular loop's process variable. Pressure, level, temperature, flow, etc., must all be maintained within specific set parameters to ensure a quality end product.

Standard Features

•Direct mounting in a horizontal or vertical position

•A separate fine mesh startup screen surrounds each perforated screen.

•Multi-Function Benefits Saves costs and space by replacing 90° elbow, filter, and flow stabilizing pipe.

Suction diffusers benefit the process control system in a few different ways. First, it removes turbulence from the process media flow, allowing for a shorter pipe entrance into the pump. It protects the impeller and seals from being worn down quickly due to turbulent water. Without suction diffusers, a company either has to allow for a long lead-in on its pipeline or suffer from pumps that are continually being repaired and replaced.