Foot Valves with Strainers

A foot valve is found at the end of a pipeline in a suction lift application. They function as a check valve, but they also have a filter affixed to their open end. Foot Valves are a form of a check valve installed at the bottom of the pump suction line, inside the wet well. Foot valves are an inexpensive way to prime a single centrifugal pump. Since Foot Valves are continually sinking in the wet well and not promptly accessible for inspection or repair, selecting a Foot Valve of high quality long wearing construction is necessary.

Foot valves are familiar for their ability to keep the continuous presence of suction within the pump. A foot valve is a unique design of the lift check valve. These valves are designed for up-flow and are affix to the bottom of a pump suction pipe. Foot valves can cause leakage when used with fluids with solids, and they are difficult to service. Foot valves would decrease the net positive suction head available.

Why do you need a strainer for a foot valve?

Strainers are used to protect the valves it will prevent the accumulation of debris. The debris could jam the foot valve and damage the pump. So strainers are an essential part of a foot valve.